Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Weekend

This Easter weekend was filled with fun. Both sisters came and stayed with me at the same time. A first!

(Please note the little blond dog next to Goose. That's Quincy, aka Roo, Goose's bff.)

Saturday the sisters and I spent the day shopping in Tallahassee. We had lunch at Panera Bread before heading to Bainbridge.

Saturday evening was spent with my bff, C. C has a fabulous box garden in her backyard. She has planted a variety of tomatoes and peppers, squash, strawberries and cilantro. Can you say jealous? We made a quick trip to HD to pick up a few things for her garden and then C was up to her ears in compost.

Later, we ate wild turkey, played corn hole, danced and sang. It was a great night.

Easter Sunday we went to church. The Hymn "Because He Lives" was sang as a solo and I just fell in love with it; however, I can't find a YouTube version I like enough to share with you. We had brunch and then it was off to my mom's house. We are at the age where we are too old to hunt eggs. Instead we watched a slide show of my sister and brother's recent trip to Prague.

How was your easter? Did the Easter Bunny come and see you?


  1. The reason you can't find a Youtube version that you like is because Ted did such a nice job on it this Easter!!!!

  2. You made me cry. Thank you. Ted's wife, Barbara

    LOVE the SISTER'S together...how WONDERFUL!

  3. That's right Mama! He did a wonderful job. Nothing even compared on YT.

    Mrs. Barbara,

    I'm so glad you stopped by. Thank you for your comment and feel free to visit anytime :)