Monday, April 19, 2010

How Nice

I have had major issue with a company Wisteria involving framed lemon prints that I'm using in my house. Let's just say the experience hasn't been good and it's my first time doing business with them. Not to go into too much detail but there were were multiple returns involved with one of the prints. Last week they finally made things right: refunded me my money and I got to keep the final and correct merchandise. I was okay with that and I had already decided I would do business with them again, despite all the trouble. I like their furnishings.

Well, today when I came home and checked the mail there was a package from them. Inside the package was a hand written note and monogrammed cocktail napkins. I'm impressed to say the least and I heart the cocktail napkins. They could have stopped at refunding me my money, but they didn't. How nice!


  1. Wow, see it how listening to your Mom on manners can pay off?!? Nice napkins!