Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kitchen Update

The fabric I'm using for my kitchen is an ikat pattern. I don't know the history of ikat fabrics or if they were once popular in another era, but I'm obessed with them. The body of this fabric is orange with touches of brown, green and beige. I saw it and instantly fell in love and have been stalking it ever since.

Things have progressed in then kitchen and the panels have been hung and the chair cushions have been upholstered.

Don't get too excited because we aren't finished yet. If you look to the right you will see a print sitting on the floor. I am waiting on the second one to arrive and then I will have my ID come and hang them. There is also a framed bulletin board to be hung on an adjacent wall.

Before the chairs were almost yellow and they had blue cushions. Parts of the chair were also painted blue.

I painted the chairs Cake Batter, from Porter Paint's white folder. Cake Batter is almost too white for the fabric but for now it will just have to do. I'm not up to repainting them.

My sister and brother brought me back a salt bowl from Krakow, PL. The outside is beige, the inside is orange and the rim is green. It's perfect. I've been reaching into the salt bowl to salt my food when my food doesn't really need it. I'm just so excited about it that I can't help it!

More updates on the kitchen to come and there are more gifts from overseas to share too!

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  1. Sounds like things are coming along and I love the curtains and cushions!