Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet Maddux

I'd like to introduce you to Maddux. He's a faithful reader of my blog, which means a lot to me. Since you will see him in posts from time to time, Maddux and I thought an introduction would be proper.

Maddux was born into the world October 1, 2008, which makes him a Libra just like me. He lives in Atlanta with his Dad and Mom and likes to travel to Florida and Tennessee in his free time. He loves to play with sticks and toy balls. His two cousins and bff's are Quincy Roo and Goose. If he had to choose between the beach and snowy weather, he'd definitely choose the beach. Maddux says enough of the bio already...Let's see some pictures of me! Of course all pictures were paw picked by Maddux.

I was just a little baby here:

That's me and Goose taking a snooze:

My first swim:

I had to sit out to give Michael Phelps a chance:

Where's Maddux?:

I'm a multi tasker:

A Snow Bunny:

And a total Beach Bum:

That's me and my two bffs at the beach:

Getting ready to go to Mom's house:

And here I am all grown up:

Maddux hopes you enjoyed his introduction and he hopes you will leave a comment too!

love/ruff ruff,

Allie and Maddux


  1. Thanks Aunt Alli for the awesome blog. The next step is being internet famous.

  2. Tillie has just changed her will - she noticed she was not included in this posting.

  3. Awwwww, love these pictures! What a sweet heart!