Monday, March 29, 2010

The Weekend

Friday evening was spent at the Marina.

It was great to have a few drinks and mingle with friends. We even met this sweet little puppy:

Saturday was spent shopping and having lunch with a friend. It was so nice catching up!

Sunday, Will and I went to Tallahassee to run a few errands. At Target we picked up this flamingo for Goose. Let's just say it's his new bff.

and it's pretty tough work having a flamingo as a bff.

Sunday we played football with our neighboors until it started to rain. Goose had so much fun. We all did!

Will and I ended the weekend with date night on the sofa. We watched Brothers.

We hope Monday didn't leave you feeling like you're up to you ears in alligators!


  1. 1. i love gooses piggies.
    2. i think roo needs a new bff. hmph.
    3. how was the movie brothers?
    4. i've been waiting for your new post :)

  2. Next thing we know Goosers will have braids.

    Roo has destroyed this bunny here --- there are bunny guts all over the carpet (little pieces of the white fluff everywhere). Something also happened to the bunny's ear. It's gone. I think Roo ate it.

    Maybe Roo should get an Easter basket. Maybe Mama cat should get one too.

  3. Brothers was good. you should watch it.

    Maybe the easter bunny will come to visit. only of course if you are good :)