Monday, March 22, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend was definitely low key. my husband worked so that left the house to me and Goosey.

I did make it out on Saturday to visit a fabric store in Tallahassee. Let me add that the weather was just beautiful. I am completing my second guest bedroom and wanted to share some fabrics that I adore.

This entire wall of bolts:

Goosey appreciates the dog print and well, I do too. I've been thinking about having him a dog bed made and this dog print would be completely appropriate for him:

When I was in Tallahassee I also picked up the panels for my kitchen.

Sneak peak:

I'll be posting more picture as things are completed. We don't have that far to go!

What fabric do you like? the coral/orange, the blue, the aqua green, the spicy olive and/or the browns?


  1. i like the damask on the far right. oh plus the doggie fabric :)

  2. You look as though you are having a good time with all this!!