Thursday, March 18, 2010

Craigslist Treasures

Most of my house has been furnished with furniture from Craigslist. I have found some fabulous pieces. CL is either hit or miss and you have to check it every day so that you don't miss a good deal. The good stuff goes fast! I thought I'd share my latest treasures with you.

An armoire for a guest bedroom that is almost finished. I paid $140 for the airmore and it is excellent condition. It came from a local high end furniture store. The people I bought it from were getting rid of it because it didn't hold enough books.

A dining table and six chairs to go in my kitchen nook for $250. It's 100% wood. This set needed work and the cushions are being recovered by an upholstery shop to match my soon to be hung panels. I couldn't pass it up.



There are more pictures to come of the completed table and chairs. Do you ever stalk CL?? If so have you found any treasures?


  1. I do not stalk CL. But I have a sweet daughter who does.

  2. i've looked on CL, never gotten anything though :/
    love the new armoire :)