Saturday, June 26, 2010

Super Saturday for Junior League

What a fun day today! I'm so glad to be part of a wonderful organization. This Saturday was Super Saturday. It's the introduction for the provisionals of non-profit organizations that Junior League of Tallahassee(JLT) helps throughout the year.

We started the day with introductions and having our picture taken for the JLT Directory. We were then split into smaller groups of 3s and 4s to carpool to the non-profit organizations. There is about 60 of us total. In my group was Sarah and Haley.

Our first stop was Boys Town of North Florida. Boys Town sits on 10 Acres. It's a safe place for foster youth to go and stay for a period of time. An average stay is about 16 months. We actually went into one of the homes and interacted with one of the families. It's a very structured environment as they learn independent living skills, social skills and life skills so that they can be successful when they leave Boys Town. One of the teenage boys there gave us the grand tour of their home.

One of the Boys Town Homes

Next Stop was Second Harvest. Second Harvest is a food bank for nonprofit organizations. Their new warehouse is huge! Non- profit or faith based organizations can come shop for food for 19 cents a pound. A few things are always free like bread and vegetables. All of the food is donated by vendors to Second Harvest. Commercial freezers and refrigerators have been donated as well. They do not ever turn anyone away.

This is the best picture I have

Our last stop was The Oasis Center for Women and Girls. Funny little story here.When The Oasis Center was just starting up around 2007, they wanted to rent a house that was downtown owned by the Episcopal church. The problem was the Episcopal church had the house for rent for $5K a month. A little pricey...So The Oasis Center wrote them a proposal as to why the Episcopal church should let them rent it for $500 a month. The Episcopal church accepted their proposal and they have been their ever since. It's a lovely old Victorian house and unfortunately I didn't take a picture to share.The Oasis Center only covers Gaps that are not being covered by other organizations locally. I especially like their summer camp program for girls. Only 60-80 girls are accepted and they cover every demographic from the homeless children to the children of doctors and lawyers. Some pay none and some pay a lot to attend.

We finished things up with lunch at the league house. The food was made by the chairman's of JLT and all the recipes came from the JLT cookbook. We talked about our day and then some assignments were given. I'm proud to tell you that I am the photographer for all the events of my provisional class. I learned a lot today and am excited for what's next!

Me in front of the JLT house


  1. Wow - you look like you are having a great time! Wonderful!