Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Memories

This weekend we are going to Dog Island with many friends and boats. I invited my bff CC to go with us. She declined because she is going fishing with her granny. Later they are going to put up peas and butterbeans. I'm telling you this because it took me back to summers at my grandparents (both sets). Something I haven't thought about in a while. I love so many things about summer so I thought I'd share some old summer memories that I have of my grandparents.

1. Picking huckleberries at Grandaddy Nicholson's with my sister and making huckleberry pie.

2. Swinging on the porch swing at the Granddad's house (& the broad street house).

3. Slip-n-slide at Mimi's and Pop Pop's. They had the best hill, which of course makes for a great time on a slip-n-slide.

4. Going to the Sycamore house and fishing at the Sycamore pond with a bream buster & red worms.

5. Summer Vacations with Grandaddy and Grandma Nicholson.

6. Summer Vacations with Mimi and Pop Pop.

7. Watching Grandaddy Nicholson cream corn.

8. Eating fried yams at a little diner in Sycamore with my sister and Granddaddy Nicholson.

9. Breakfast at Mimi and Pop Pop's. You wanted it they had it and we always got to have a little glass of milk and orange juice at the same time. Plus you NEVER had to help clean up. It was just like a restaurant.

10. A dollar from Pop pop so we could stop on the way home to Bainbridge to get an icy.

So tell me...What is a favorite memory of summer you have surrounding your grandparents. I'd love to know.


  1. if you come to my house we'll put up peas and corn......

    I remember one time taking the greyhound bus from Tallahassee to Perry to see Boo.... I got to buy a bunch of comic books at the bus station - they were 12 cents a piece.

  2. i have the same memories as you :)

    remember the time in Fontana when you, sarah and craig got stuck in the muddy, quick sand?

  3. going to eat at jack wingates! yumm salad!