Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weekend

This weekend was low key. Just the way we like it. Here is a recap:

We spent some time with a very sweet and good 6-month old. We were getting our practice in while seeing our neighbors.

We picked up our changing table and placed it in the nursery.

then the crib came a day early! Talk about excited?! We happily and quickly put it together. (no crib matress yet - who knew they were so complicated)

Last night we downloaded a ton of baby apps and played with them all. So fun! We have already picked out some favorites for when Wyatt is old enough to play. Little one up there was really good at playing some and she is only 6 months!

I get to see Wyatt on Thursday. Stay tuned for pictures.


  1. Awesome way to make him really smart! How cool is that. I miss you sweets. I am so proud of you and the soon best mama to be eva! <3

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