Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guess WHOO??

♥ ♥ ♥ Guess whoo's going to be A BIG BROTHER? GOOSE that's whoo!! Baby H is due October 4th ♥ ♥ ♥

I thought I'd start Pregnancy Highlights to tell you about each week that I'm pregnant. Pregnancy Highlights should include a picture. This week you'll have to settle for the picture of Goosey.

Date: 03/22/2011

How Far Along: 12 weeks today - yippee!

Size of baby: baby h should be the size of a lime

Total Weight Gain/Loss: about 10 lbs.

Belly size: we are starting to grow a bump

Maternity Clothes: I have on maternity leggings from Isabella Oliver and a J. Crew regular top

Gender: I don't know yet. Mama hopes I'm a girl.

Movement: Can't feel anything just yet.

Sleep: Sleep...Sometimes I sleep good sometimes I don't. On the weekend I can take a major cat nap. During the work week not so much.

What I miss: Having a drink! I really enjoy having cocktail hour with my husband on the back patio or a drink while on the beach. I'll just have to make up my own fun drinks and pretend like it's a cocktail.

Cravings: Mexican food

Symptoms: Mostly, I'm just tired and sometimes I do feel sick.

Best Moment this week: Receiving Goosey's shirt in the mail from my sister, See above.

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  1. awww yay i'm so excited about prego highlights!

    and i'm so glad you liked the t shirt! i was so excited for you to get it :)))