Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We did dinner instead

Valentine's Day was such a sweet day. I spent the whole day with my husband, traveled a bit and I didn't work. Instead of going to lunch as planned we went to dinner at our neighbor's house.

Our neighbor use to be a private chef, and let me tell you she can cook. We were delighted when we received the invite. Plus she has the sweetest 3 little girls! One of which is just about to hit the 2 month mark. The husband and I were virtually fighting over her. ha!

We had a to die for ham, the best mac and cheese I've ever eaten, a fabulous spring mix salad and pound cake that had strawberries drizzled with chocolate on top for desert. I have failed you as I didn't take any pictures at dinner.

On a completely different note. Goosey has been spending time with me in the master bathroom when I am getting ready in the morning for work. The master bath is really off limits to him, but I've been letting him slide. Why? One because he sneaks in there and because I'm the best Labrador mommy in the world!


  1. sounds like you had an extra special valentine's day!

    good for goosey getting to go into the master bath!

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