Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm here, I Promise

This week has been so busy, which I guess you could say is a good thing. That being said my little dear readers...I'm here. I promise.

This weekend we have company coming, which I'm so excited about. They aren't traveling far, just a little ways down the road. Lauren, Trip and Baby Cade will be joining us Friday night. Then we are going to the Captain's Dinner for the "Rock the Dock" fishing Tournament. Saturday, the boys will fish and then we all go to an 80's Spring formal with a luau theme at the neighbor's house. Sunday, we take the boat to Dog Island for a little fun in the sun.

Can't wait to share pictures with you. I just hope my camera lasts as I left my charger at the beach :/

Put on your Friday face!


  1. i will admit i've been wondering when a new post would arrive, i check everyday :)

    i hope your camera lasts, too! just don't review the pics, that wears the battery down.

  2. I, like LCN wondered when a new post would show up. Have fun this weekend!